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While Ethos is a tuition-based program, we are committed to making a sequential, life-altering music education affordable to all students in Middle Tennessee.  As such, our program is priced at just $48 per month with tuition discounts for siblings (20% off for the first sibling, 40% for two or more siblings). 

Merit-based scholarships are available by audition for instrumentalists on high-need instruments (double reeds, jazz rhythm section, etc.) - email Dr. Russell at for more information.

Need-based partial scholarships are available to all families based on financial need.  Complete this form, the contents of which will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Ethos Board of Directors.

Ethos tuition can be paid in full via credit card or check, or with automatic, monthly payments via credit card. 
Details about how/when to pay your tuition are found in the Online Registration Form - click your Ethos Class/Ensemble in the main menu to find the Registration Link specific for that Class/Ensemble.

Families will choose your preferred method of paying tuition when completing the online registration form (on the top of each class/ensemble's page of this website).  If you choose the Monthly Credit Card Payment option, we must receive a scan (or mailed) copy of the Recurring Payment Authorization Form.

Since Ethos is a long-term program and commitment, tuition is based each student's fair share to fund the program for the entire year. Therefore, the monthly pro-rated amount exists as a convenience to families to spread out the yearly tuition rate over a period of time. It’s important to note that some months will have 4-5 Ethos rehearsals and events; other months (September, December, and April, for example); will have fewer. In other words, families are not paying for each class, but rather paying a monthly payment toward the annual tuition (i.e., a month with 2-3 Ethos rehearsals/events will be the same rate as a month with 4-5 Ethos rehearsals/events.  Please email
Dr. Russell at with any questions.

Ethos Youth Ensembles

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